Dealing with a bully?

I have no problem with killing bugs. But, snakes, mice, lizards and the like make me nervous. To deal with them, I have my own, personal strategy – noise.

Let me provide an example. I worked at a Western Auto from my junior year of high school through college. Often, I was the first one in the store, arriving at about 6:00 am to prepare the cash register, mechanics’ charge sheets and office area for the day. Unfortunately, the Western Auto was located between a grain elevator and the fire station. The grain elevator drew mice and rats that sometimes took up residence in our store. My solution to the early arrival plus likely encounter with vermin was noise. I started the day by going to the electronics department and cranking up that “great” 1970’s music on the stereo system. And, then I would stomp my feet as I walked to the office area, loudly telling any mice or rats that I was now here and that they should go elsewhere. Fifteen minutes later, I would turn down the stereo on my way to another part of the store. About a year after I started this routine, one of the fireman shared with me that they knew exactly the days that I opened the store. I guess my routine not only woke up any vermin in the store, but also the neighbors next door.

Today it wasn’t a mouse that had me scared, but snakes. Earlier this year, we built a small building toward the back of our property. The project left a big scrap wood pile. Last week, I noticed a snake next to the scrap wood and knew that it was time to sort through the pile. Although John had killed the snake we saw last week (I love my husband!) I knew that others were probably nearby. So this morning, I grabbed my work gloves, ball cap, garden hoe and DR Power string trimmer and got to work.

I started by firing up the string trimmer. It looks a little like a push mower and is a wonderful tool. It also makes a good amount of noise and shakes the ground under it. I knew that a snake would avoid getting near that noisy, vibrating piece of equipment. And, it worked. I got the pile sorted and only saw a snake hole – no snakes!!

It seems silly to be intimidated by small creatures. But, I am sometimes. I have to remember to make some noise.


I noticed this sign the other day. It is outside the martial arts school owned by friends of ours.

What a great idea, give your child a tool to use when they are intimidated. I wonder if one of the strategies isn’t to make some noise.

Sometimes we forget that a little noise, some loud words, can make those who threaten us back away. Speak up for what is right. Let your voice be heard. Don’t hesitate to defend those who need your strong protection. Stand for the things that are right and speak out against the things that are wrong. Be brave when expressing an unpopular, but correct, view. Defend the helpless. Stand firm and do what is right.

You might be surprised how vermin and snakes disappear with just a little noise.


Listen, a noise on the mountains, like that of a great multitude! Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms, like nations massing together! The Lord Almighty is mustering an army for war.” (Isaiah 13:4)

  2 comments for “Dealing with a bully?

  1. John Stein
    October 13, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Reminds me of Bill Cosby’s karate routine.

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