Want Dr. Stein to speak at your event?

Do you need a speaker at your next conference, retreat, church service, or club meeting?  Or, how about an emcee you can trust to make your event memorable?

Jill Stein will deliver and inspire!  

Her most recent presentation topics include:

  • The Call to Gather Together
  • Ethics in Government
  • Getting Stronger in Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Developing The Vision
  • I Survived Knee Replacement and Two Shoulder Surgeries – You Can Too!  (Or, learning to face your PT and not die!)
  • When Surrounded by Enemies and Doubters, David Looked Up
  • Non-Traditional Grandparenting
  • Getting Admitted to College — You CAN do it
  • Federal Service Isn’t for Wimps
  • Remembering the Little Things
  • Effective Communication
  • The Acts of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church
  • The 6 7 8 Project (a program for Middle-Schoolers)

A wide variety of organizations have trusted Dr. Stein at their events to motivate and to encourage team members.


  • Business and public service officials training sessions
  • University faculty development workshops
  • Bank officials deploying new time management programs
  • Profit and not-for-profit groups’ strategic visioning sessions (vision, mission, guiding principles, strategic goals and plans)
  • Undergraduate instruction for newly assigned university/college faculty members
  • Service organizations, youth clubs, senior adult club meetings
  • Nazarene District-wide layman’s retreats, women’s conferences, single adult retreats
  • Church services and special programs
  • Recognition events (Military Spouse of the Year, Military Appreciation, High School Honor Student Assembly, etc.)

Recognized as an exemplary leader, organizational innovator and educator, and popular blogger she will prepare and deliver what you need. Always focused on the “meat” of the subject, her style of mixing humor and faith will inspire and engage everyone.  All will receive new strategies and tools to become better leaders, citizens, family members, and friends.

Contact her today at CarlaJillStein@yahoo.com to discuss your event!

 (Not located in Florida?  No worries, we can work something out that will meet your needs!!)


Your thoughts?

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