Do you feel it? The air is changing! Do you feel the excitement building along with a hint of anxiety? Are you ready? Have you prepared? Don’t you know? This is the week! The day is almost here! The air is filled with anticipation and regret. Ready? Really ready??

School is starting!!!! It’s the end of summer. It’s time to see old friends, meet new teachers, learn new locker combinations, buy new shoes. School is starting!!!!

Pause for a moment with me and remember the start of school. I know that for some of you, the start of a new school year was harder than it should have been. Your situation wasn’t good. For you, school meant stress, trouble, torment and struggle. As a former public school teacher, I apologize for that. You were robbed of the joy that the start of school can mean. So, let’s all start fresh together…all of us…let’s treat next Monday like the start of a great school year.

During my childhood, preparations for that first day of school began weeks before that first alarm clock chime. We made the annual trip to buy “school shoes.” On another day, the list of “school supplies” was obtained and we checked the ads for the best deals on ruled paper, number 2 pencils, Elmer’s Glue, and so much more. I was ordered to search my closet floor for things like 12 inch rulers and protractors that were used last year and would be going with me this year. Other things were handed down. My older sister’s sweater now fit me and the sweater that I wore last year went to our younger sister. And, we made some things like “shift” dresses and simple skirts. Preparing for that first day of school was important business.

In our work years, we often forget to take time to reset. We charge forward without preparing for a new start. It makes sense, most of us don’t take a three month break to spend at camp or the pool or in the library. We work all year long. Too often, we don’t take the time to refresh, renew, restart.

We are going to get older. We no longer have entire years dedicated to our learning. We have to allow God to take action in our lives to renew our spirits. And, we have to do some of the renewing work ourselves. So, what would happen if you acted as if next Monday were the start of your new work year? It’s funny, but buying new office supplies always reminds me to think differently. What would kick start you into a renewed look at your work? A new ball cap? A new pair of shoes? Buying doughnuts for those at work?

I Corinthians 4:16 encourages us. “This is the reason that we do not give up. Our human bodies are wearing out. But, our spirits are getting stronger every day!”

Enjoy this song by Jason Gray.  (’s+no+tomorrow&FORM=VIRE1#view=detail&mid=F151D04F8239BFA903A4F151D04F8239BFA903A4)

Your thoughts?

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